As a service based fraternity, it is the goal of Tau Psi Omega Fraternity to positively contribute to the community. It is our responsibility to have a greater impact in our community through service. We engage in community service by collaborating with non profit organizations, on campus organizations, and other Greek organizations. Each brother is responsible for completing a certain amount of community service hours every semester. We will continue to impact our community positively for the many years to come.



With the diversification of higher education institutions, Tau Psi Omega Fraternity, Inc. will remain relevant to our core-values, mission, and our Brotherhood. As an ethnically and culturally diverse fraternal organization, the men of Tau Psi Omega Fraternity, Inc. bridge our own personal family values, individual diversity, and commitment to service in every aspect of who we are as an organization.  Serving as role-models to one another and the surrounding community as well as the communities we hail from, we fully understand and implement the importance of bringing our communities together by promoting diversity on campus.



As honorable individuals, the men of Tau Psi Omega Fraternity, Inc. actively support one another towards academic success, degree completion, and professional excellence. As men of Tau Psi Omega Fraternity, Inc., we shall always uphold our values, mission, pursuit of academic excellence, and service during our tenure at the University of Colorado, Boulder.