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October Newsletter 👻🎃

We are already in spooky season 👻 it is time for pumpkin pie and costumes! 🎃

In the past month we completed workshops, done community service, and celebrated some birthdays!


Professional Jaguars Workshop -

At the professional jaguars workshop we had our brother present on post-undergraduate options. We wanted to bring attention to the opportunities available to students during and after college. One must be able to dress and present themselves in a professional manner in order for interviewers to have a good impression and see what the person can bring to the table. Internships are an important part of any résumé that can help a student stand out from others when applying to graduate school or a job. Continuing one's education with graduate school can help students show they have knowledge about a specific discipline in their field and that they have put in the work and time beyond the bachelor's degree. Internships and graduate degrees alike are good when going into the work force and should be considered.

Jaguars Abroad Workshop -

The purpose of this workshop was to provide students with general knowledge about studying abroad. We have brothers that have first-hand experience from studying abroad themselves, whether it is having studied abroad for a week or having gone for an entire semester. Those brothers took the lead in the workshop and were able to answer questions that related to their own experiences.

Topics such as how to apply, where to go, and who can study abroad were covered. One of the topics we gave emphasis on was on the culture shock or reverse culture shock that one experiences when visiting a country much different than what one experiences here in the United States. There are many reasons students choose to study abroad, but regardless, we can tell you that it will have an impact on you as a student. The experience you get from this is will be unforgettable and unique. If you are interested in studying abroad make sure to get in touch with CU's Study Abroad office. 

For more information on either topic contact a Tau Psi brother or scroll to the end of this newsletter.

Community Service

The fraternity was able to provide community service at our local Goodwill. We helped the thrift store sort through and organize items, getting them ready for the shelves and racks. It was a great experience being able to help out a store in our local community. We are always open to work on community service events or projects, so if you are interested in collaborating contact us! 


We celebrated three of our brothers birthdays last month! Two landing on the same day. We are very proud of our jaguars and all their accomplishments and all those to come.

September 27th

-Marco Hernandez (Alpha Class)

-Elwaleed Elhage (Beta Class)

September 30th

-Bruno Tapia (Founding Class)

Upcoming events:

Boulder's MGC presents a stroll-off coming October 25th.

Stay tuned with https://www.instagram.com/cubouldermgc/ for more information.

Additional Information:

Interested in internships and/or graduate school?

Find an internship application for where you would like to intern for.

Research graduate schools that best fit you, for CU's graduate school visit

https://www.colorado.edu/graduateschool/ for more information.

Interested in studying abroad?

Website: https://abroad.colorado.edu

Office: Center for Community, Room S355

Phone: +1 (303) 492-7741 Email: abroad@colorado.edu

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