Since being established many years ago, Tau Psi Omega Fraternity, Inc. - Beta Chapter has proudly excelled in the areas of service, academics and membership growth. Through our community service and social activities, brothers often find lifetime friendships and valuable connections for the future. Keep reading to learn more about our chapter and recruitment process.

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Founding Brothers
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Our local purpose and goals are equally aligned with our Alpha Chapter and National philosophy.  Our brotherhood, as a community service based fraternity, strives to bring our community together by using the family values that are present and active within our organization.  Within Tau Psi Omega Fraternity, Inc., we seek to reflect the rich cultural diversity of our society to engage and interact within a global community. We offer an array of opportunities for social integration and leadership development, and every brother shall actively support one another towards academic success, degree completion, and professional excellence.



"The Beta Chapter at the University of Colorado at Boulder began in much the same circu​mstances as the founding fathers of Tau Psi Omega Fraternity Inc. at the Arizona State University campus. Representing a multiplicity of difference races, backgrounds, and experiences; a community of student leaders but foremost gentlemen came together as one.  They had the shared goal of creating a brotherhood in which everyone could embrace the cultures and experiences of their fellow brothers, while having their own esteemed highly. The concept of a fraternity that was explicitly multicultural was an exciting endeavor for these gentleman, whom of which considered it a necessity for the CU Boulder Campus. Throughout the 2015-2016 academic school year, the interest group of gentleman met consistently to ensure that their collective dream would not only become a reality, but serve as a push for more multiculturalism and social justice for the entire campus. Among several choices of MGC organizations seeking to expand to CU Boulder, Tau Psi Omega Fraternity Inc. was the clear choice, embodying the commitment to multiculturalism and community service that the gentleman were seeking. As a brotherhood, they would become the proud nine founding brothers of the Beta Chapter of the fraternity on the CU Boulder Campus on May 13th, 2016."